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Tilling & Soil Preparation

At HOME GARDEN PRODUCE, growing fresh food and fruit is a passion. A passion that we love to share! We do think every human being should have access to fresh food and fresh produce anywhere they live.

Having the pleasure to grow food right on their door step. It's with pride that our business offers the services to turn your home garden into a fabulous garden of produce.

Our tilling service offers hard-labour-free digging. The Tiller mounted on our 4500P Ventrac with hydraulics allow us to dig the hardest ground into a friable, soft and smooth soil ready to be planted with natural goodness.

For acreage tilling or residential home garden, we can help you design, build and maintain your garden for maximum efficiency and abundance. Tilling, is also the perfect way to prepare your soil before laying your new turf. This allows quick root penetration in to the soil and allows the turf to quickly settle on the new site, allowing better drainage at the start for an healthy and better looking lawn. 

With our network of experienced and knowledgeable nursery and turf farm specialists, HOME GARDEN PRODUCE can supply you with quality and healthy vegetables seedling, plants and turf.

 Don't hesitate to call HOME GARDEN PRODUCE on 0417 509 299 for a no obligation free quote

Tiller machine.
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