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Acreage Mowing & Slashing

As every lawn is different, HOME GARDEN PRODUCE is committed to giving the highest quality care with the finest and best finish on the market. Our Ventrac mower will give your property those lawn strips that can only be seen on professional fields. The large floatation tyres of our mowers ensure minimal damage to the turf and leave a light footprint even in wet conditions. 


Slopes can be difficult to mow on and drive up safely, meaning the perfect finish can be difficult to accomplish. Our steep slope mowers are designed for continuous use on 30 degree slopes and are capable of leaning down into pits without compromising on the finest finish. No matter what type of lawn or property you have, no lawn is too tough.


Qualities of our Ventrac mowers

  • Light footprint on soft turf

  • 30 degree slopes (58% grade)

  • Articulation frame for getting around obstacles

  • Rises to the challenge with capabilities beyond other machines 

Call HOME GARDEN PRODUCE on 0417 509 299 for a no obligation free quote

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