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Driveway Repair & Lawn Preparation

HOME GARDEN PRODUCE is proud to offer our new service of dirt-road and gravel repair. 

Pot holes are a thing of the past with our Ventrac Power Rake. Mounted to our 4500P Ventrac, this attachment turns the machine into a mini grader, that will refurbish your old driveway in to a brand new one. Smooth finish is the first notable advantage to using the power rake for your dirt road rather than the traditional hole filling with a bobcat. The advantage of our power rake is the ability to re-use the gravel build-up on the side of your driveway, which result of much less needed gravel (road base).


Planning to have a new lawn after the construction of your house is done? Power rake will level the ground, remove debris and rocks all at the same time leaving the cleanest finish, ready for laying new turf.

Call HOME GARDEN PRODUCE on 0417 509 299 for a no obligation free quote


Other Services

Our driveway repair service offers the possibility of packing the road with a Roller, for better, even, compaction. The bucket allows us to move gravel (soil and mulch) around to top dress the road when necessary. Please note this is optional as our power rake offers compaction on it's own. When finished, power rake leave a smooth, strong and packed road. The Roller is highly recommended for a driveway with slopes.

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