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Lawn-Mowing/Slashing, Dirt Road repair and Bush Regeneration Company based in the Northern Rivers of NSW

HOME GARDEN PRODUCE offer all the property maintenance services you'll need for your property

with power rake mounted on Ventrac tractor


Acreage mowing.

Acreage Mowing/ Acreage slashing

Ventrac tractor 4500P dual wheel with 76’ finish mower that provides the finest and best finish mowing job on the market. This mower will give you those lawn strips that we can only see on a soccer field, right into your own yard, taking backyard entertainment to the next level.

Residential lawn Mowing.

Residential Mowing/Edging

Honda self propelled push mower with catcher to give you the cleanest finish mow in your suburban yards. Service includes lawn edges and around garden features, and a clean up after the work with an air blower.

road repair.

Dirt road/Drive way repair/Lawn preparation

Pots holes are things of the past since our Power Rake join our team. Powered by our Ventrac tractor, we will fix your dirt road without the need of buying more gravel material. This machine will use what is already there to give you the smoothest road at a competitive price. This is a grading machine that offers the most efficient, long lasting fixing of dirt roads.

Acreage precise selective weed control.

Weed Control and Bush Regeneration

Acreage and residential, from your nice turf to your orchards and big paddocks, we will treat it all with our Goldacres Boom sprayer and/or our Solo Knapsack so you can enjoy your favourite entertainment area without the look of weeds invading your space or bindi weed ruining your backyard cricket games and bare foot walks. We offer bush regeneration for the native plants and grasses and can provide an eradication plan for the noxious weed.

Garden maintenance.

Garden Design/ Maintenance

From creating our dream garden to a complete maintenance plan all year round, Home Garden Produce will provide personalised care that is unique to your desires and needs. With our nursery network, we can source and provide a wide range of plant, seedling soil,  mulch, pots, tools and all your others garden need.

Acreage Lawn Mowing

Property Maintenance

Home Garden Produce is a choice of trust. We take care of all your property needs. From your yard maintenance (Landscaping design, earthwork, road repair, weed control) to your house maintenance (building, renovation), we will organise trade people and manage the work, to  give your property the maintenance that it deserves over time. 



Home Garden Produce offer a Tilling service. To create your dream vegetables garden or forestry plantation, we will dig the paddock and leave you with fresh, friable and smooth soil ready to be planted.

The tiller is also the perfect tool to loosen up the soil prior to lay new turf, this accelerate considerably the time for the roots to set in the ground and increase the drainage while preventing compaction.

Stump Grinder.

Other Services

Home Garden Produce offer a range of other services upon request which include: Stump Grinding, Soil Aeration, and Trench digging.


“Don’t judge each day
by the harvest you reap,
but by seeds that you plant”

Robert Louis Stevenson


Enchanted Wood Nursery 2530 Coolamon scenic dr, Ocean Shore, NSW 2483 (02) 6680 5505

Enchanted Wood Nursery.
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